Memorial Day 2016 Spring Mountain Visitor Gateway, Mt Charleston

Randy Bridges Memorial Day 2016 Spting Mt Vistor Gateway

Memorial Day 2016 celebration at the Spring Mountain Vistor Gateway at Mt Charlestion, Las Vegas Nv was a big success. For the Centennial Hills Residents, its approximately a 30 minute drive north from Centennial Hills on US 95 to Spring Mountain Visitor Gateway center.

Festivites include: the raising of the flag and brief talks about the first and ONLY National Monument of the Cold War hero veterans in the United State, live music performed by western band that played classic music from Johnny Cash, tours of the facilitied with a history of the “Secret Plane Crash” marked by one of the planes propellors, the visitors center and gift shop and of course food trucks.

All this was highlighted by the breathtaking views of Mt Charlestion located west on Kyle Canyon Rd from US 95.

Area welcomes hikers, camping, picnic areas for families and groups. Reservations are required for groups.

Their neighbors for snow skiing is Lee Canyon. Highway 158 connects both and the intersection is at the visitor center.

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